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I hope you’ll take the time for the ministry of Bruce & Lisa.  Their walk with the Lord is evident and their music and testimony will be a blessing to you and your congregation. – Dr. David Jeremiah

In my 26 years in Christian music, there have been only two artists that I can honestly say have moved me and blessed me beyond words.  These two artists are Bruce and Lisa.  Their God-given talent is truly amazing, but more than that, their lives and their testimony are a remarkable witness to God’s faithfulness and to His power to move mountains for His children.  I’ve not only watched them walk with God consistently for the last five years and have seen all the remarkable things God has done as he has shown Himself strong on their behalf.  I’ve marveled at their talent, their trials, their triumphs, and most of all, their humble testimony.  If they have an opportunity to share their talent and their testimony with you and your congregation, I guarantee you can’t help but do the same. –Ed Kee, Creative Director, Brentwood Benson Music Publishing

I first met this wonderful couple at a concert in Nashville, TN, and as a result of their impact there invited them to share a Sunday with our church family in Bakersfield, California.  They played a couple of selections in the morning service, but as impressive as their phenomenal artistry and incredible testimony was their refreshingly humble spirit.  While either one could play first chair on their instruments in just about any professional symphony orchestra in the country, they volunteered to sit LAST chair with our orchestra when they weren’t on stage, just to support and assist our weaker players.  In the afternoon, Bruce did a workshop for young area string players: As he demonstrated his technical ability, he earned the right to share his testimony, and many young area violin students were touched by his life story.  In the evening service Bruce & Lisa shared 30 minutes of music and testimony, and the impact on our congrregation was absolutely astounding!  It has been said that sacred music should drive the listener either to their FEET or to their KNEES: the artistry and spirit of this precious couple did both.  On behalf of our Minister of Music, Dr. Gary Mathena, and our church family, I whole-heartedly recommend to you the ministry of Bruce & Lisa.  Your church family will be inspired, encouraged, challenged and blessed by this uniquely gifted Christian couple! --John G Gage, Minister of Instrumental Music, Valley Baptist Church – Bakersfield, CA

This is a testimony to a powerful wind of ministry called Bruce and Lisa.  These two visited our church for our Sunday morning services and promptly captured the hearts and spirits of our entire congregation.  To say that their musical presentation is professional would be a gross understatement.  To say that God’s Spirit ministered through them would also be only a fraction of what really occurred.  There was buoyancy and a profound sense of God at work as He moved through our church on both the notes and the hearts of worship that these two possess.  Sunday was a day with no precedent in our congregation’s experience, yet a day we’d love to replay over and over again.  It is our desire to make Bruce and Lisa a regular part of our ongoing church life.  If you desire an ‘out of the box’ musical experience with the pulse of God’s heart from start to finish, then you must work Bruce and Lisa into the future plans of your church.—Pastor Paul Walterman, Evergreen Community Church – Bothell, WA

Bruce and Lisa are among the most gifted, talented, ministry-minded artists I have ever encountered.  Their superior excellence in musicianship is matched only by their passion to serve the Lord in ministry and touch people’s lives for Christ.  They are genuine, humble servants of God called to share their amazing testimonies and talents with the church.  Time and time again I have seen them move congregations to worship, laugh, cry and experience God’s presence all while enjoying the talents of two world-class musicians leading the celebration.  I highly recommen Bruce and Lisa to any church for a concert, worship service, banquet, conference or even an instrumental workshop with the local church orchestra, concluding with a concert featuring bruce and Lisa accompanied by the church orchestra and choir.—Phil Barfoot, CEO/President-Christian Copyright Alliance

Bruce and Lisa are a breath of fresh air in the work of music ministry. Once heard, there is no question about their incredible musical ability. They are consummate musically in every way.....flawless technique.....beautiful tone quality.....stirring sensitivity. I am always impressed by musicians with natural but highly developed talent like theirs. However, the thing that speaks to me even more is their recognition of the God who gave them this ability. Their heartfelt testimony to Him and what He has done in their lives speaks volumes. This combination of astounding music and unquestionable faith should be heard by all who will listen. -- Camp Kirkland, Camp Kirkland Productions

... delightful and wonderfully sensitive... This is a fresh, exciting duo that will astound you in their musicianship and... their walk with the Lord is evident. -- Bob Burroughs,

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