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From Lisa Cronk…

…..Right after that heart-warming phone call, my family and I got dressed and went to church! (Always, always one of my favorite places to be with them!) As we sat in the worship center, a woman and her husband got up to share their testimony. This beautiful woman shared how she had been diagnosed of having a softball sized brain tumor, which doctors told her would cause her to be blind and unable to ever have children. She wasted no time getting to the real reason she was standing before us today ~ with a finger pointing to heaven and a smile across her face she said, GOD HEALED ME! She stood up on the platform seeing us all, and raised her hands multiple times pointing to the One who had divinely healed her, leading to the salvation of her husband.

She then introduced her second miracle, her 12-year daughter, who stood and sang “Shout to the Lord” using sign language! She had the voice of an angel - the most beautiful voice I have ever heard from a 12-year old. Her God-adoring mother stood behind her playing the flute and her pillar-of-strength father stood on the other side of her playing the violin. They led us in worship as they moved gracefully across the stage playing their instruments while their daughter sang unto her Savior. (She had come to know the Lord at the early age of 5.)

The Holy Spirit was moving in that worship center in such a mighty way that before I even realized what had happened … I had been captured! His Spirit captured my heart and just the sight of their humility and praise seemed to lift me right out of the room into His presence! For a moment, the Father wanted me to open my eyes to see something ~ something that He was doing. I looked up and saw ———– many others had been captured! My worship pastor, standing on the side of the platform was crying ~ on the faces of two other pastors were tears streaming down their cheeks as they sang and worshiped the Lord. Then, the choir — the choir today was an all ladies choir and they all were either singing with lifted hands, bowing their head, or were crying. As I looked across the congregation —— it was a sea of tear-stained faces, bowed heads, lifted hands, people sitting in prayer, people standing in praise, all worshipping our God with the most broken and sincere expressions of worship I have ever experienced.

I glanced over to my husband and ………… more tears! I’m telling you, this one 12-year old little girl and her parents were anointed by our Lord in helping us all approach the Throne Room of our God and to worship of Him in our own ways! This family said very little words, they merely let us all know that GOD can do anything! That precious mother today said those four powerful words at least 4-5 times while she told of God’s miraculous healing in her life. She repeatedly said, “God can do anything!” And as her daughter led us all in singing, “Shout to the Lord,” ……….. we did!

Happy Mother’s Day! Let’s embrace another year of motherhood by loving our kids while leaning on Christ.

From Twila Paris…

We've been very grateful to have Bruce with us on recent tours. He brings a special energy and sensitivity both on and offstage. The
same can be said of Bruce and Lisa together. The message of their music and ministry is beautifully reflected in their steady faith,
generosity, and humble service. As a family, we have been blessed by their artistry and their lives.

From Caroline...

Recently I shared the stage with BRUCE & LISA at a conference. Their incredible music and pure joy prepared the audience for my messages. The truth is that I would love to travel with them but God has them on the path He has carved out for them and has me on another path...both paths allowing service to Him.

From Amy...

We saw you perform at the Baptist Women’s Convention in Gatlinburg in March. You were wonderful. When your daughter sang was amazing. I had just found out 2 weeks before that I have a tumor on my pituitary gland and before we left to come I got a call saying they had found a large mass in my breast. I am 38 and I was very worried, still am about both things. I was flipping the channels on the TV tonight and I saw you both on TCT. You were talking about your tumor and how God had a plan for you. I am still worried, but I have a peace about it all now because I realize everything is going to be all right. I think you two are wonderful.

From Steven R. Skaggs, Minister of Music, Immanuel Baptist Church, Paducah, KY...

We are still basking in the blessing and encouragement God provided through the weekend with you and your children. Comments I have heard from our folks include:

  • The obvious talent with which you both have been blessed
  • Your "approachableness" -- people loved meeting and talking with you informally. Traveling with your children also promoted the idea of you being a "regular" family
  • So many folks related personally in some way with your words about your faith journey
  • "When are we going to have them back?"
  • The testimony of the Spirit of our Lord that accompanied you

Thank you for sharing of yourselves as true srevants. May God bless you in your work for our Lord Jesus.

From Don...

I want to thank you and your family for visiting with us in Warner Robins. It takes tremendous courage to stand in front of others and share such "real" testimonies. Furthermore, to take that "first" step in obedience requires listening for the call. Obviously, you heard the call and stepped out onto the crashing waves. Many of us hear the call of Jesus and miss out on such an opportunity because we simply spent too much time examining the conditions around us. Thank you for sharing your musical gifts as each of you blessed my heart and soul. The greatest blessing came from your oldest daughter. As she sang "Shout to the Lord," my cup overflowed. Her innocence and angelic voice blessed my soul. May God continue to keep His hand on your family and His ministry... and come back soon!

From Cindy...

I had a chance to meet Lisa when they were touring with Camp Kirkland's Instrumental Expo in 2003. After hearing her testimony, I was truly touched. She led the workshop for the flutists from all the participating churches, working with a few brave souls who were willing to get in front of the group and talk about issues they had with playing--breath control, tone, etc. She was very kind and patient with each person she worked with. One thought she shared that really struck home was that as musicians we needed to be willing to let someone else have the spotlight/first chair seat sometimes. We forget that G-d gave us this talent and it does not come from our own abilities.

From Wesley...

Thank You so very much for taking time out of your busy schedules to play for us at the Pentagon today, September 29, 2004. You will never know how many hearts you touched today with your beautiful music and faith you shared with us today.

Thank you, again God Bless you and your families. You are truly an inspiration.

From David...

My wife and I love your CD "In His Name." After hearing your testimony and seeing you in concert, we know that you truly are ministers for Christ and we could see that your heart is to reach others. You have greatly blessed us beyond what you could possibly imagine.

Thank you!

From Joanie...

Bruce and Lisa have really blessed me. While their music is amazing, their testimony really spoke to me. Lisa shared from her heart about her own struggles with her brain tumor. She encourages people to embrace their sufferings and look at them as an opportunity to get closer to God. I will be forever changed in dealing with my own difficult times. Thank you so much Bruce and Lisa for coming to our church.

From Brandon...

My Mom made me go to Bruce and Lisa's concert and I wasn't sure what I was going to hear, but you guys were terrific. My parents enjoyed you very much, but so did my friends and I. Your music was alive and I could really feel the love of Jesus when you gave your testimony. Thanks for speaking to people who are my age and my parents' age, too.

From Joyce...

I love your CD, "In His Name!" I put it in my bedside player and play it every night. I drift off to sleep hearing praises to God as it calms my spirit. It is beautiful. Keep them coming. Thanks

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